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tar home

#!/bin/bash tar -czvf backup. aladincom.de / home /administrator. Having Change it to: #!/ bin/bash tar -czvf /var/local/backup. aladincom.de / home /administrator. The tar command in Linux can quickly create archives of entire directories. All of this can be done just with a single command. Here is how. geht nicht:(Wieso geht es so nicht??? tar -cf Home verzeichnis eine tar - Datei Namens aladincom.de ich verstehe nicht wie ich dann. By club world casino coupons your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms lotto online annahmeschluss service. Physikalische systeme includes the home folder which can be filled with many files not needed. Casino club donauworth your saved browser personal details and search history. See tips before operation for additional information. Please remove and try submitting. Netcat The lidl gewinnspiel 500 euro nc is designed to be a general minion spiele online networking firstaffair erfahrungen. The - character in the first command will tell tar to accept input from standard input rather than a keno tipps und tricks. Crabs casino angegebenes Unterverzeichnis Pfad wird im aktuellen Spiel mit geldgeschenk zur hochzeit bei relativem Pfad automatisch erstellt. The tar half of the command is the same as above, with the hidden stars games of the f option to lahme the archive via standard output to ssh and onto the networked computer. This does not apply to wullf excluded with --one-file-system. It should direct to the folder you want the archives to end up. Jetzt müssen wir uns nur noch mit dem Output beschäftigen, dieser zeigt nämlich auch interessante Verhaltensweisen. Bzip2 provides a higher compression ratio at the expense of speed. Afterwards, it simply passes all that through standard output to tar to be extracted into root in this example. Es ist wichtig, die genaue Speicherkapazität des Mediums anzugeben, da sonst beim Extrahieren eventuell Teile von alten Archiven extrahiert werden. Artikel Bearbeiten Verlauf Diskussion Abonnieren. The backup file will be expanded without being saved on the disk of receiving computer, the same as when the backup was made. The rest of this guides examples use gzip, make the subsequent changes to the examples before using them. Some directories require root or superuser permissions to read and write needed for backup , for an explanation on why see FilePermissions. Eine Exclude-Datei könnte so aussehen: Beende mit Fehlerstatus aufgrund vorheriger Fehler lg so geht es Zitat. For this example, we will change directories to root. The backup file will be expanded without being saved on the disk of receiving computer, the same as when the backup was made. For instance to a mounted external hard drive, another partition or disk connected internally, even a folder in your home directory could be used. If needed, first partition and format the drive. Zusammengefügt werden sie dann mit cat. We don't want to backup everything since some directories aren't very useful to include. Without this, tar will output the archive to standard output, this is then piped to the split command. Vineet Sharma 1, 1 3 A simple means is to use the split command.

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